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Marvel doctor strange movie 2016 - The Best Film

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Marvel doctor strange movie 2016 - The Best Film

The Doctor is in, and superhero movies are about to get a lot stranger.

Doctor Strange (in theaters Nov. 4) introduces Benedict Cumberbatch as Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme and not only adds magic to the expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe but also throws in some other crazy universes and dimensions to boot.

Director Scott Derrickson (Sinister) very much wants to capture the style and vibe of the magical character’s roots in 1960s psychedelic comic books, “where it was all about mind expansion and doors of perception and seeing things from a new perspective,” he says. “We get to go with Stephen Strange through his experience of the new, and hopefully it’ll give audiences something that’s new for them as viewers.”

Even Strange is baffled by the whole thing at first, Cumberbatch says. “He’s like, ‘Whaaat?’ He’s not like, ‘OK, cool, I’m in.’ He’s not swallowing the Kool-Aid straight away. But it’s wonderful the way it’s explained to him, because it’s a hell of an explanation and just visually it’s going to be a riot for audiences.”

Director Scott Derrickson promises psychedelic, trippy
Director Scott Derrickson promises psychedelic, trippy worlds like the one in this concept art from 'Doctor Strange.'

Cumberbatch says he’s had “great fun” so far with the character, and he’s not the only one: The Eye of Agamotto, the metallic and mystical amulet worn by Strange, also doubled as a pacifier for the actor’s 10-month-old son Christopher during production.

“My baby just loves giving it a bite,” he says. “It’s a bit troublesome because you don’t know how many toxic things might be on it. If they made a nice rubber version, it would be the ideal baby dummy. Who knew?”

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